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 Présidentielle américaine : panique chez les démocrates après la prestation «désastreuse» de Biden

Senile, Drooling, but Mostly Fabulous

By  Tom Luongo

 Gold Goats 'n Guns

July 10, 2024

Well, here we are. It's a full blown panic.

It is now obvious that President Biden lacks the mental faculties to carry on the office of the presidency. And the nervous mice are starting to tiptoe out on the ice and do the 'noticing in public' they have avoided the last three and a half years.

The Democrats are now dividing themselves between the culpable and those with culpable deniability. Who knew? Who could have known?

It's time to call a lid on the whole damn thing, Jack.

Now Republicans don't want to hear that, they want to keep Biden in the race, for obvious reasons. That's easy to understand and if he was just running as a candidate and not for reelection, it wouldn't be a big deal.

But, there is a country to run, every single day. And we do not know who is running it. That is beyond politics. And beyond unacceptable.

Democrats are nervous about Kamala. Who cares? She is the Vice President of the United States of America and her job is to step into the vacuum at moments like this.

There will be plenty of time for a post-mortem later, but there can be no pretending that Biden is capable of finishing out his term. It's nonsense and everyone knows it.

But the Democrats have never met a rule or standard that they weren't willing to politicize, and relativize, to their own ends.

They can always screw over President Harris at the convention in six weeks, and give the nomination to someone else. They can fight the ballot issues at the state level.

But I bet she winds up with the Senile Ice Cream Man's superdelegates, so maybe everyone should stop worrying and learn to love the Kam...ala.

How did we get here?

According to some, it was because the right wing crankosphere has been too mean. Calling out the obvious denied the establishment press their ability to do their jobs.

They had to spend all their time doing counter-narrative against internet meanies, otherwise they would have noticed the president is unfit for office.

Well, we've been calling him the Senile Ice Cream Man ™ for over three years over here, so it must be our fault. We are deeply sorry about that. Sorry about being able to perceive reality.

Meanwhile, the press is still getting their heads around the possibility of consequences.

Give credit to the New York Times for being able to sniff a change in the zeitgeist and move quickly towards it. Even as they deserve heaps of scorn for carrying on the farce for so long, they've quickly put on their big girl pants and are out doing the journalism thing. It's been cringeworthy to watch.

So the press is doing the careful lane change.

But we still have to watch all the Democrats pretend they didn't know.

"Whip smart" Joe Biden is the best he's ever been! That's what they said on Morning Joe!

You know the show where marriages, and credibility, goes to die. But, it wasn't a lie, exactly.

In some ways, Biden hasn't changed at all. He was always an egotistical prick who said dumb stuff. Joe has always made up thinly believable lies based on his patronizing view of the world. He's always been awkwardly sniffing people.

Even if you believe "Corn Pop was a bad dude," do you not remember Biden was the life insurance policy for the first black president?

Obama thought "...I sure don't want to get shot, who could I pick for VP that would make even an assassin think twice? Oh, I know, Joe Biden. No one wants that dumbass in charge!"

Feng Shui of Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Supposedly, poor Doug Emhoff, you know the 'second gentleman' was at a debate watch party with Rob Reiner and Jane Fonda. What did he do to deserve that?

Meathead and Hanoi Jane?

In any case, five minutes in Reiner reportedly started screaming while Jane was crying. Awkward. Not as bad as listening to Kamala practice a speech, but pretty bad.

Then you have the Hollywood elites, with their fake surprise and lamentations of betrayal.

I can think of a lot of off-color compound words people might use to describe Ari Emmanuel. Dumbfuck is not on that list.

He was so surprised to see Biden's performance, shocked I tell you. Bitch, please.

It's instructive that Democrats are only lamenting Biden's display of mental deficiency because it hurts his chances of winning in November.

They don't think it's in any way important to encourage Biden to step down from the presidency because he lacks the mental fitness to execute his office for the seven months remaining in his term.

And because they are so absorbed in the current fire drill that none of them have considered how that makes them look.  Good Energy: The Surpr... Best Price: $20.78 (as of 07:22 UTC - Details)

C'mon MAN!

In its heyday, the sun never set on the British Empire. But the sun goes down on Joe Biden every day around three hours after he gets up. He requires a coterie of flunkies to stage manage his every waking moment. To insulate him from embarrassing himself. To help him find the podium in the middle of an empty stage.

He probably can't even legally sign Hunter's pardon due to diminished capacity.

But he ain't leaving. Not after flubbing a softball interview with Stephanopoulos (22 minutes unedited, what stamina!), followed by angry letters to Democrats challenging them to a convention fight. Biden was always an antagonizing putz, but now we are just seeing demented defiant rage.

Look, I'm old enough to remember that Smells Like Children is an EP by Marilyn Manson, not what the President says when he's left unsupervised. So believe me when I tell you there is a new campaign slogan coming...

Reprinted with permission from  Gold Goats 'n Guns.

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