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The Democrats Have an October Surprise That Could Win the Election

By  Jon Rappoport


July 11, 2024

You might recall the 1980 Surprise. Reagan running against Carter.

The Reagan team was accused of making a deal with the government of Iran to hold on to American hostages until after the election.

Because, if Jimmy Carter could secure their release just before Election Day, he could be swept back into office on a tide of enthusiasm.

The hostages were released, just after Reagan was inaugurated.

Now, in 2024, there are strong possibilities for another Surprise. The Biden administration tells Zelensky to agree to peace negotiations with Putin-

Including a temporary cease fire in the war.


Or: there's a temporary halt to the Israel-Hamas war.

Or both.

"Peace in our time," brought to you by the Democrats.

I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this Surprise. It's so obvious.

Putin and Zelensky are already making noises about proposed negotiations.

All that has to happen is: the US Sec of State tells Zelensky to sit down and talk peace with the Russians, or no more US dollars and weapons will flow his way.

Whether or not Biden is at the top of the ticket in November, this would be a major Dem win-pumped up endlessly by the press.

Newsom pulled it off. Whitmer pulled it off. Kamala. Whoever.

See the Transgenders for Peace parading down Broadway in celebration. Along with BLM remnants, Antifa thugs, Climate Change doofuses, Open Borders church folk, bird flu advocates, New Age vegans, pro-Palestinian students who don't have to pay their loans back...

It's a party.

Who knows, Dems could claim Biden himself worked out the peace deal-he spent long nights in the Oval consulting with advisors, on the phone with Zelensky, poring over fine print in the Agreement, at the top of his game, with all mental faculties intact.

"It was Joe. He did it. He made it happen. With the force of his own personality."

Joe, of course, was snoozing in the residence, under sedation.

-All press hands on deck. 60 Minutes. Lesley Stahl interviews a mother of three in Kiev: "Lesley, my family was on the verge of starvation. Russian troops were poised to enter the city. Suddenly, the word came through. A cease fire. The US saved us. We got down on our knees and thanked your country and your President..."

Surprise, Surprise. "The polls have shifted overnight in a dramatic fashion..."

Who knows? That rescued mother in Kiev might go to her local post office and find blank US mail-in ballots laying around.

Reprinted with the author's permission.

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