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The Last Offensive of the Kiev Regime

Davor Slobodanovich Vuyachich

The Ukrainian military junta is under intense pressure from its sponsors to finally prove that the over 158 billion dollars that the collective West has so far invested in it were absolutely worth spending.

The long-announced major offensive by military forces under the control of the criminal Kiev regime is inevitable; no one should doubt that anymore, and it is really only a matter of days before this large and massive operation will begin. However, Kiev is not rushing into this disastrous adventure because it is fully prepared for an offensive, as American General Christopher Cavoli, the commander of the United States European Command, optimistically stated on April 26. It is certainly not the case that the right moment has finally come to take advantage of the great enthusiasm for fighting to the death among ordinary Ukrainian soldiers.

The idea of a violent occupation of territories where practically only Russians who do not want to be citizens of Ukraine live could only appeal to the most hardened Ukrainian Nazis. There is no enthusiasm in the ranks of Ukrainian soldiers at all. On the contrary, those among them who are on the front lines are extremely exhausted, and, as reported by even Western mainstream media such as the “New York Times”, they are beginning to question the stubbornness with which Volodymyr Zelensky sacrifices the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and wastes ammunition. Admittedly, these demoralized troops are not really the Ukrainian forces that will be entrusted with the task of carrying out this major military operation.

The real reason why the offensive can no longer be delayed lies in the fact that the Ukrainian military junta is under intense pressure from its sponsors to finally prove that the over 158 billion dollars that the collective West has so far invested in it were absolutely worth spending. If this monstrous Nazi pseudo-state, a shameful inversion of everything Ukraine as an inseparable part of the Russian Empire and later the Soviet Union was, fails to achieve really significant and concrete military successes with the upcoming offensive, it is very likely that this will mean the gradual end of Western military and financial aid. Since the Kiev ruling gang has become addicted to foreign aid injections, from which they have been living in abundance, luxury, and debauchery for the last several months, the crisis is what pushes them to ruin and the beginning of the offensive for which they must believe that they are ready, whether it is true or not.

In Moscow, they are also aware of all this and that is why they are impatiently waiting for the grand finale, which could finally bring the achievement of the goals of the Russian Special Military Operation within reach. Absurdly, the Ukrainian offensive is a great chance for an unexpectedly quick Russian victory. Russia certainly cannot lose a war that it has not yet begun to wage. If Ukraine has been at war for more than a year, the same cannot be said for Russia. Possible failures on the battlefield could only force the Kremlin to abandon the Special Military Operation format as an attempt to implement a very limited military intervention and force it to unleash all its formidable military potential, which everyone who loves Russia has long wished for.

On the other hand, Nazi Ukraine fires its last bullet in the vain hope that it will somehow miraculously kill its giant neighbor. Such a terrible reality of the position that the Kiev regime has brought its people to, following the bad and selfish advice of a collective West ready to sacrifice “stupid Slavs” for its own ends, should have a sobering effect on the people who make decisions about the future of Ukraine, but alas, they are not in Kiev but in Washington. Since the Ukrainian Nazis are possessed by a pathological and obsessive hatred for the legacy of the Soviet Union and especially its victory over Nazi Germany, it is very possible that, weather permitting, the start of the offensive will be before May 9, when Victory Day is traditionally celebrated in Moscow.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has no doubt at all that the massive Ukrainian offensive and a great bloody battle are ahead of us, said with restrained caution that the Nazis could try to spoil this celebration. As for the threats of special Ukrainian (terrorist) services in connection with endangering the Moscow Victory Day Parade, this year Russia has taken unprecedented and very rigorous security measures. It is also better not to think about what the Russian response might be if incidents do occur. In any case, if the Ukrainian offensive does not take place before May 9, as expected, it will most certainly begin as soon as the ground is sufficiently dry.

Like any other major military operation, the Ukro-offensive will have its own political and propaganda goals. In the West, enthusiasm for the Ukrainian “heroes” who selflessly bleed and give their lives in the fight for “democracy”, liberalism, and LGBT values on the front lines of European civilization has gradually declined since the beginning of the Russian Special Military Operation, which was to be expected. The public in the West has lost interest in Ukraine because it is pressed by the great economic problems of ordinary citizens, who, in the meantime, have realized that they are living worse precisely because they are unwillingly financing the war against Russia.

Thus, the initial enthusiasm for Ukrainian “superheroes” who kill “evil Russian Orcs” has faded over time. Faith in the Ukrainian victory is now shaken, and the decline in living standards, rising prices, and social insecurity that Europeans and Americans have faced remain, and the big question is whether ordinary citizens in the West will ever be able to get rid of them. That is why one of the most important goals of the Kiev regime is to regain the lost support from ordinary people in the West that they had last year. However, it will not be easy to achieve. Many Westerners are fed up with Zelensky occupying all their TV channels, always crying for more money while they themselves are facing poverty and increasingly harsh austerity measures. After all, can anyone really love an evil, green Ukrainian drug addict clown, now one of the richest men on the planet, more than their children?

Of course, the goal of the major Ukrainian offensive will certainly be to inflict the greatest possible losses on the Russian military forces in terms of personnel and equipment and occupy strategically important territories, but that is by no means all that Kiev wants to achieve. Based on the past behavior of the Ukrainian leadership, the armed forces they lead, and their services for special psychological operations, we can be quite sure that one of the most important goals will be to cause panic, defeatism, protests, riots, and chaos in Russia and especially in its new territories.

In the Ukrainian ideal-case scenario, there would be a huge revolution that would lead to the violent breakup of the Russian Federation. Hitler’s Nazis also thought that with very similar tactics of terror and intimidation, they would succeed in breaking the Russian spirit, but instead they faced the fanatical and completely justified anger of the million-strong Soviet armies, which mercilessly destroyed them and chased them all the way to Berlin, which they finally razed to the ground. So far, the Ukrainians have tested Russian patience quite cautiously, but once they cross the invisible red line, which will most likely happen very soon, there will be absolutely no mercy for them, just as there was no mercy for their ideological predecessors and idols.

Part of the propaganda war is that the Western and Ukrainian media have been trying to deceive the Russian political and military elite, hardened Russian intelligence, and analysts for a long time by combining white, gray, and black propaganda, that is, by simultaneously publishing information that is accurate, partially accurate, and completely untrue. Even when some Russian officials decide to come out about some of these allegations in the Western and Ukrainian media, they do so in a professional manner, trying to counter the disinformation of their enemies with Russian disinformation while more or less skillfully feigning naivety and ignorance. In fact, the Russian political and military elite, as well as the competent services, completely ignore all that great effort of the Western and Ukrainian propaganda machinery and do not attach any importance to it.

Russian intelligence services are guided exclusively by verified intelligence data from the field, as well as those of a different origin but equally reliable. It would be very naive to think otherwise. At this moment, the Russian intelligence services undoubtedly know whether, despite all the hype in the media, the Ukrainian army has secured enough ammunition or not and in what types and quantities. As for the depleted uranium ammunition that the Ukrainians have unfortunately already received, British suppliers, if they had been any wiser, could have assumed that multiple and very serious Russian warnings could be followed by an equally insidious and cruel retaliation. Unfortunately, the arrogant minds of British politicians have always lacked a prudent awareness of their own vulnerability and mortality, so they decided to make the biggest mistake in their entire history.

There are hints that the Russian intelligence services have information that Ukraine has provided completely fresh and very well-trained forces for the upcoming offensive and that, as Yevgeniy Prigoznih said at the beginning of April, their number could reach 400,000 soldiers. If there is knowledge that the number is higher, the experienced Prigozhin would certainly be wise to keep it quiet. Western media such as “The Daily Mail”, however, are trying to spread disinformation about how Ukraine gathered only 100,000 soldiers, that is, between 12 and 18 combat brigades, which is certainly not true. There is more or less public information about the formation of Ukrainian special assault brigades, combined infantry and armored units, which are trained to break through the front lines, advance deep, and secure the captured strategic points.

The former infamous Nazi battalion “Azov”, for example, which was practically destroyed last year during the Russian liberation of Mariupol, has since risen from the dead, filled its ranks with well-trained fighters, and grown into the Azov Assault Brigade. This means that “Azov” is now numerically stronger than ever before and will number no less than 6,000 people. The Russian intelligence services certainly have much more precise data on the number of foreign “volunteers” from NATO countries than those appearing in the Western media, which are part of a deliberate deception.

Those volunteers are, in fact, well-trained NATO soldiers who only wear Ukrainian uniforms and are in Ukraine on their professional assignments, not voluntarily, as Kiev portrays. They come more and more often from Poland, and their number is constantly growing. The total number of both NATO soldiers and volunteers from other countries, for whom the common term “foreign mercenaries” is used, is somewhere around 8,000, as recently estimated by the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, but could soon become much higher.

Western media give “estimates” that about 400 tanks, 1,600 armored vehicles, and 300 pieces of artillery will take part in the Ukro-offensive, but this is certainly another attempt to deceive the Russian army so that it will be unprepared for what it will actually encounter. It would be more realistic to expect between 600 and 800 NATO tanks, whose crews will be well-trained professional NATO soldiers and not Ukrainians. A much larger number of armored vehicles and artillery weapons must also be expected. Likewise, we can be quite sure that a large number of F-16 and F-15 aircraft piloted by NATO pilots will “suddenly” appear over the skies of Ukraine and Novorossiya.

The Western media are happy to brag about the fact that the Ukrainian army has been provided with huge amounts of anti-tank weapons, but they will do everything to ensure that we never find out anything about the much more deadly weapons they deliver to Kiev, which, of course, does not mean that the Russian intelligence services did not get the desired information anyway. Based on previous data on Western military aid to Ukraine, it is realistic to expect mass drone attacks on Russian military equipment, primarily on tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery, and rocket attacks not only against military targets but also against the Russian civilian population in order to destroy their morale.

The Ukrainian Nazi school of warfare was created under the influence of the Anglo-Saxon one, so in parallel with the Ukrainian offensive, a wave of terrorist attacks in Novorussia and even in Russia must be expected, including assassination attempts on senior military and political officials. Terrorist actions, however, will primarily be aimed at civilians in order to prove that the Russian political leadership and army cannot protect them. All in all, the Ukrainian offensive will, for the most part, be a kind of false flag operation by the North Atlantic Alliance. A major Ukrainian offensive will, in fact, be a major NATO offensive against Russia. Only the cannon fodder and markings on armored vehicles, tanks, and aircraft will be Ukrainian.

However, if the Western and Ukrainian intelligence services think they have outsmarted their Russian colleagues and misled them, they are sorely mistaken. Russia not only has satellites and other means of precise electronic and visual reconnaissance, including at night and at close range, but also has “eyes and ears” on the ground. That is why the Russian military top most certainly has detailed knowledge of the movement, deployment, and masked concentration of Ukrainian forces by now.

Based on this, the Russian generals can predict the possible directions of advance and the attempts to unite different Ukrainian forces during the offensive penetration itself, which will certainly have to happen. Namely, since it is impossible to hide from Russian intelligence the accumulation of troops necessary for penetrations, the Ukrainian and NATO generals will have to bring the necessary additional forces into the battlefield from the rear at very high speed. This almost certainly means that they will have to rely heavily on helicopter troop transport right before the start of major assaults.

Although it is very difficult and ungrateful to predict Ukraine’s desired directions of progress, what is absolutely certain is that the Crimean Bridge will be attacked again with the intention of disabling its functionality for a longer period of time. Similarly, the Russian Black Sea Fleet is a thorn in NATO’s side, and that’s why, beyond any doubt, there will be massive attacks on it. In both cases, NATO will indirectly participate in these attacks like before, but this time, these attacks will be carried out in a way that has not been applied so far in order to be more shocking and effective. Russian air bases in close proximity to the separation line between Russian and Ukrainian forces will also be targeted, as will Russian ammunition and fuel depots.

All analysts and journalists agree that separating Crimea from the mainland will be the main goal of this Ukrainian offensive. The Russian military leadership, which has data from the field as well as other intelligence data, is probably clear in what way the Ukrainians and NATO will try to do this. Mass air and naval landings directly on Crimea are more than possible, but only after Crimea’s defenses, primarily air defenses, have been completely destroyed. This leads us to the conclusion that there will be fierce missile attacks on Crimea, as the Ukrainian leadership has already announced. Mass air landings would undoubtedly be carried out by low-flying transport helicopters, at least in the first phase of the attack, far from settlements and close enough to the strip of land that the Ukrainians want to control and that connects Crimea with the mainland. In the second phase, naval landings and parachute landings are possible.

The Russian defense lines in Zaporozhye and Kherson regions would be very difficult to break through, and probably the Ukrainians and their Western commanders and advisers are fully aware of this, but those lines will certainly be attacked in order to tie up Russian forces in those places. Attempts to cross the Dnieper would have to be massive and threaten extremely high casualties, while at the same time providing the Russian forces with very favorable opportunities for a counteroffensive. That is why it is possible that there will be attempts at mass air landings by low-flying helicopters behind Russian lines not only in Crimea but also in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

Since NATO generals are the ones who really designed the Ukrainian major offensive, it should be easy to predict the ideas that will lie at its core. The doctrine of “shock and awe” will undoubtedly be an essential strategic thought for the entire operation. This means that the Ukrainian forces will strive to achieve not only absolute dominance in manpower and technology in zones of planned penetration, which is certainly necessary for an attacking army, in a ratio of no less than 3:1, but also such a level of firepower that will completely paralyze the Russian forces. Second, American generals grew up on the myths of the Normandy landings, so this will probably inspire attempts at boat landings across the Dnieper and directly into the Crimea. Third, since the Russian defense lines are very strong, there will be an attempt to somehow repeat Operation Market Garden from World War II. Regardless of the fact that this operation, commanded by Montgomery, was a failure, it still represents a good model of rapid penetration achieved by combining armored and airborne units in the midst of the fighting.

What the Nazi regime in Kiev is insufficiently aware of is that this will be the first major Ukrainian offensive on territories that are now officially inalienable parts of the Russian Federation, and that this represents a huge difference compared to all their previous attacks on the Russian people. Perhaps, before it is too late, the Ukrainian leadership should very thoroughly read the Russian laws regarding the procedures that the Russian political and military leadership is obliged to implement in the event of foreign aggression against the Russian Federation, and the Ukrainian offensive will be exactly that.

Now that so much blood has been spilled, both sides will undoubtedly go all the way, and in such a game, the sure loser is Ukraine. A possible greater success of the upcoming Ukrainian offensive would certainly lead to a general mobilization in Russia and the declaration of a state of war. Historical experience teaches us that it would certainly lead to a great internal consolidation in Russia and even the creation of a feeling of euphoric national unity. Something like this would surely mean a death sentence for Ukraine, which is already completely exhausted by the war.

So far, Russia has not considered that there was a need for such a drastic act because, based on the Soviet lessons from the Second World War, in the desire to reduce the number of victims on its side as much as possible, it has chosen to mainly defend itself and “grind” the Ukrainian attackers, who therefore have 7 to 8 times more victims than the Russian side. Russia only undertook limited offensives when there was a complete collapse of the Ukrainian defense in some sectors of the battlefield. However, this does not mean that Russia is not considering an offensive of epic proportions when the time comes — that is, when it becomes clear that the Ukrainian armed forces have been completely destroyed.

The goal of that Russian counteroffensive would be, and only in the first phase, to occupy the left bank of the Dnieper along the entire length of its course through the former Ukraine. Russia justifiably claims the eastern part of Kiev, Kharkov, and, for example, Poltava, which was defended from a major European power by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and betrayed by the Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa. Oh, how history repeats itself! The collective West and the suicidal Kiev regime are doing everything to ensure that such an outcome eventually comes, and if they continue like this, Ukraine could completely lose not only its access to the sea, but it could also happen that it completely ceases to exist as a state.

The biggest mistakes of Russian enemies throughout history have always been the same and equally fatal: 1.) It is a very dangerous mistake to assume that the Russians do not know something; let’s just remember the Battle of Kursk and its outcome. 2.) It is a very dangerous mistake to assume that the Russians do not have enough of something: manpower, ammunition, missiles, drones, tanks, planes, or, say, gliding aviation thermobaric bombs of increased power. 3.) It is very dangerous to have absolutely no information about the already existing Russian weapons of superior quality, just as, for example, the Nazis at the time when they attacked the USSR had no knowledge that the Russians possessed the terrifying T-34 tank. 4.)

It is very dangerous not to be aware of the presence of Russian top intelligence officers in places where they can do the most damage; think of Richard Sorge or Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five. There are actually many such warnings. Waging a disinformation war against the Russians is also a very dangerous sport because the Russians have always been the greatest global masters of military deception. Trying to beat the Russians in the game of “maskirovka” that they invented is also extremely arrogant, and this is exactly what the Ukrainians are trying to do as part of their preparations for the offensive. What looks like a Russian camouflaged tank to Ukrainians and NATO satellites is probably a model made of a wooden frame and sheet metal, and what doesn’t look like a tank at all could be a real tank and never be recognized as a threat.

What looks like a large Russian military camp in which everything is bustling with life is most likely not a camp at all, and the Russian army is already deployed where it is needed. The Russian military planes that are on the runways are also mostly models, and the real jets are in safe hangars or in the sky above the heads of the enemy. The Russians have recently started covering their tanks with special materials that give them more difficult optical visibility with the naked eye and complete invisibility for infrared cameras and radars. There are already Russian military uniforms that make the soldiers themselves invisible to infrared cameras.

Summa summarum, the Russian generals did not underestimate the full potential of the inevitable Ukrainian offensive, and they are more than aware that this operation can turn into a direct and total war against NATO and are ready for all possible options in that case. What is absolutely certain is that Russia will never give up on the original goals of the Special Military Operation, which are the denazification and demilitarization of what remains of Ukraine. Peace negotiations are hardly possible with the representatives of the current Kiev regime, primarily because Washington will never allow them to happen.

This gives Russia the opportunity to accept these negotiations in principle in order to prove that it is sincerely committed to a peaceful end to the conflict. As for Zelensky and his team, many people wonder why Russia has not tried to liquidate the Ukrainian leadership until now, which is a problem that can be solved with just a couple of Kinzhals. First of all, Russia has a very bad opinion about the ability of that leadership, and it suits them to stay where they are for the time being. Of course, this does not mean that Russian forces will not, as before, target and destroy Ukrainian military command centers, especially those where NATO officers sit, no matter how deep underground they are.

What will come to the heads of the criminal Ukrainian leadership will not be the long Russian arm of justice. The violent and brutal mobilization of Ukrainians and the persecution of believers and clergy of the legal and canonically recognized Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as Ukrainians whose mother tongue is Russian, has brought a curse on Zionist Zelensky and his gang of quislings and will bring them certain destruction at the hands of the Ukrainians themselves. Thousands of Ukrainians who could do that job have already voluntarily surrendered to the Russian forces, and a lot of useful things have been learned from them.

The outlines of the Ukrainian resistance movement that will cooperate with the Russian military forces are already visible. It will consist of: 1.) Ukrainian politicians who were at the head of political parties that Zelensky, as a “great advocate of democracy”, simply banned. 2.) Ethnic Ukrainians who remained living under Russian rule and who see the Russians as the brotherly people they really are. 3.) Ukrainian prisoners of war who surrendered voluntarily, not wanting to fight and die for Zelensky and the Americans. 4.) Part of the captured Ukrainian soldiers who showed their willingness to participate in that undertaking and 5.) Ukrainians who were born and live in the Russian Federation are aware of the simple fact that Russians and Ukrainians are one and the same people.

That movement of real Ukrainians, sons and grandsons of the fighters of the glorious Red Army, will in the near future march to Kiev together with the Russian forces, overthrow the corrupt Nazi regime, and thus finally end this bloody war for which the USA, the UK, the EU, and NATO bear full responsibility. The upcoming Ukrainian offensive will not only be the first major military operation of Nazi Ukraine directed towards the Russian Federation but also the last adventure of a clown addicted to cocaine, a usurper who came to power by deceiving his voters, promising them reconciliation and peace, only to drag them into a fratricidal conflict as an agent of the Western powers in which he, his family, and friends turned into billionaires overnight.



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Source: The Independent

Par Arpan Rai - 8 Mai 2023

Un succès de l'Ukraine dans sa contre-offensive tant attendue contre la Russie pourrait signifier l'effondrement complet de l'armée de Vladimir Poutine, voire de l'économie russe, a déclaré un ministre de haut rang du gouvernement de Volodymyr Zelensky.

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La zone nord se compose de maisons individuelles entourées de jardins et d'arbres. La zone sud est remplie d'immeubles avec peu de verdure entre les deux.

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par Christelle Néant

Le 11 avril 2023, à Artiomovsk (Bakhmout) les forces ukrainiennes ont fait exploser un immeuble et sa cave où se trouvaient 17 civils. Sept dont un enfant trouveront la mort dans l'explosion. Par miracle, Ioulia, son mari, et leurs deux enfants, dont le plus jeune n'avait alors que deux jours, ont survécu.

Lorsque j'entre dans la chambre d'hôpital où se trouve Ioulia, cette dernière est en train de nourrir son nouveau né, Marik, né le 9 avril 2023 dans la cave de leur immeuble à Artiomovsk.

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The Last Offensive of the Kiev Regime

La contre-offensive promise par l'Ukraine est vouée à un échec cuisant

par Larry Johnson

Chaque jour qui passe, l'armée ukrainienne est découpée et décimée à Bakhmout. Pour utiliser une métaphore cinématographique, il s'agit d'un aperçu de l'attraction à venir, l'Ukraine étant soumise à une pression intense pour lancer une contre-offensive qui repoussera les Russes hors de l'Ukraine. Cela n'arrivera pas.

Regardez la vidéo suivante. Certes, il ne s'agit que d'un récit anecdotique isolé du massacre de Bakhmout, mais il sonne juste et donne une image glaçante de l'état désespéré des forces ukrainiennes dans cette bataille...

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